Personal Submarines

For the last 5 minutes, I was thinking about personal submarines. How much would one of those cost? Who makes them? What is the latest technology in the personal submarine business?

So, after a little searching, here is what I find.

Here is a story about some guys that are testing their little sub in the Puget Sound up in Seattle. This is fairly recent. Their company is called u.s. submarines or, and the site is nice. It definitely has the right feeling for a submarine web site (kind of dark). The company sells all kinds of subs, and the used ones can probably be had for under $2 million. Check out their luxury sub, the Phoenix 1000… it even has a docking mini-sub! This is so 007! I’m sure they can build a trap door that goes to a shark chamber 🙂 They also sell underwater habitats. Neat stuff.

Moving on, I find a chinese sub manufacturer’s web site here. Definitely check that out.

Closer to home, there is a venture funded ‘jet sub’ over here. There is a story on the web about it being tested in the SF Bay for 10 mins.

Finally, there is, an organization for “the discussion, design, construction, certification, and ownership of personal submersibles.”

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