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dvorak layout

I was thinking about optimization today, and I remembered the old posting about a guy at Cray using an evolutionary process to evolve the best keyboard layout. The gist was that dvorak was still good. I think I’ll switch one day.

At any rate, I found the article. The guy is Peter Klausler… I recommend reading his page. There is some interesting sfuff there.

One of the tidbits was that he won one of the IOCC categories for 2005 with his anagram generator!

This of course led me to another link. The IOCC winners are announced at the Vintage Computer Festival…. hey, isn’t that coming around…. Yes, it is. The next one is in November.

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  1. Daniel Lyons says:

    I made some X windows config files for his keyboard layout. I emailed him about it at the time and he basically told me to learn Dvorak instead. I thought that was strange, but I did, and I think he was right. At least now I can type in Dvorak on any old computer.

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