Amazon S3

I was researching a topic a few days ago and I happened upon Bob Ippolitos blog post on Amazons S3 service. As I was reading it, I thought I noticed something familiar. Bob is a co-founder at mochimedia. I just met Jameson Hsu the CEO at a RockYou party a month or so ago. I was introduced to him by one of our investors. He’s a smart guy and I was telling him about how excited I was about S3. He seemed interested since he said they were thinking of looking at it. He might have misinterpreted my excitement about it, since I never mentioned using it as a CDN. At the time, I even mentioned that there were problems when you tried to get consistent results from the service… it has issues. I might consider the Bit-Torrent style interface for a torrent, but I wouldn’t even consider them as a CDN.

Anyways, I like Bob’s blog, and will continue to check it out. Why? It is an great example of the variety of technologies that people are using these days (refreshing!) … and that will be the subject of another blog post.

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