Got an iPhone

Yep, just like 1 million other people I got an iphone the monday after they came out.

I was 100% sure about getting one by mid July.

There is already a lot of commentary, I’ll give you my 2 week take on the device. First, a little background. I worked at Danger Research back in 2000/2001. I sat in on the meetings. I learned a lot about what it takes to get a device out into the market. Some of the Danger team has been at Google and they, I suspect have been working on the fabled Google phone.

Apple won. They have blown everybody away.

This was a big jump for Apple. The cellphone part of this has lots of pitfalls. They nailed it.

  • It works really well.
  • No other phone has an interface this good.
  • No other phone has a web browser this good.

Overall, this is hands down the best phone I’ve ever had. I use the phone, contacts, ipod, and the browser heavily.

I have a few nits with the Windows side of the house, but I’ll cover that in another post.

Before I finish, here are some key differentiators that I don’t hear about at other sites:

They can upgrade your software with iTunes Sure, you could get a firmware upgrade for a phone at a cellular store, but that isn’t the same. They never expected to do those en-masse. Apple knows that everytime someone syncs, they have opportunity to upgrade. Whatever complaints people have could get addressed in the next update.

Apple gets the crash reports No other phone sent their crashes to the manufacturer. Apple will fix any bugs as they come up. So far any ‘crashes’ that I’ve witnessed were just apps disappearing and reappearing. This wasn’t a blue screen or a deadlock.

There isn’t an ATT portal for the device. This is an internet device. The mobile provider lost this power struggle. They are Apple’s customer. Contrast that with prior devices and the mobile networks.

Everybody thinks 3G is easy and that the carriers have their act together. They don’t. They have tiny data connections to their towers. They are just recently pulling off voice in a consistent manor (no more drops).

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