Weird day

the stock market tanked today, ouch.

Had lunch at Microsoft (nice). Met some interesting folks. I met the guy behind French Maid TV… nice guy from Hollywood. Terry then introduced me to Alex Tew. He’s the guy behind The Million Dollar Homepage… smart guy. He’s hanging out in the valley with the Bebo founder. I did look at his socks, but he wasn’t wearing the space invader socks today.

When I got back, the power went out in the city … like 5 times in a row. This basically sucked the productivity out of the entire day for everyone here. It also took down some of the major sites out there on the internets. Besides our time, the only other thing we lost was a RAID controller on a system. This wan’t a critical system and all other internal systems came back fine. We pulled the drives and moved them to an identical system that wasn’t heavily used. The ad-network was not affected at all. I think the day has shown that the results of some decisions made a while back have paid off really really well.

still… a ..weird day…

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