New Web Site in Objective-C via Javascript

I was checking out this new web site by these guys called 280 North. Essentially, they built a web version of Keynote and they are calling it 280Slides. It looks really slick/nice and they did a great job with the UI.

Out of curiosity, I called up Firebug to see what Javascript framework was used. I was quite surprised to find a lot of requests for ‘.j’ files. It turns out that these guys loved Objective-C so much that they wrote their app in a form of Objective-C which I am assuming is translated to Javascript.

Very Cool!

Here is a sample of some of their ‘.j’ files:

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8 Responses to New Web Site in Objective-C via Javascript

  1. Mayson Lancaster says:

    Look at ObjectiveJ.js

  2. It’s Cappuccino and Objective – J

  3. Tony Pitale says:

    This is amazing. A beta release and, despite slightly limited features (a good thing IMHO), they have a better product than Powerpoint! I am extremely curious to see how they accomplished what they did. I expect work tomorrow will be spent digging through this amazing product.

    I’ll certainly use it!

  4. Joey says:

    It looks like they wrote a decompiler in javascript that allows them to build a cocoa app and transform it into a web app…

  5. Chris L says:

    Is this for real? Not only does it look like Objective-C, it looks just like Apple’s Cocoa framework too.

  6. I wonder if they know something we don’t? Could there be a new framework and scripting language support for Safari and/or iPhone coming soon? It would be like XUL for Firefox, only in Mac OS’s native language, I suppose. Anyway, interesting approach regardless of my speculation!

  7. Justin Baker says:

    Objective-j is a superset of javascript, basically they added stuff to javascript that it evaluated within javascript. Cappuccino is Cocoa on the web; the fellows there at 280North did a great thing and have pretty much all of it implemented, except for a few things here and there. Taking Cocoa onto the web is a very intelligent idea considering the popularity of web applications today, and it makes non-mac users able to see the beauty of Cocoa :).

  8. Er,Dipak Patil says:

    it’s very good idea,from last days was searching this type of technology. with Objective-C, because i am iphone application,i search what i do another things with Objective-C

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