Good vs. Evil or Cheese Sandwhich vs. Turtle

FROM THE WSJ: Could It Be … Satan? About 150 animals died in a fire that consumed the A-Dora-ble Pet Shop and several other businesses in Frankfort, Indiana, last October, but one survived. The red-ear slider turtle might simply have been lucky; that’s his name, after all, Lucky. But shop owner Bryan Dora has a different theory, pointing out that, since the fire — the causes of which still haven’t been determined — Lucky’s dark shell has developed what appears to be an image of Satan, replete with pointy horns and a goatee. Though Lucky seems to be doing fine, health-wise, since the fire, he also may be a crawling advertisement for the Prince of Darkness. “[Lucky] was saved for a reason,” Mr. Dora told the Associated Press. “Everything else had perished, even the other turtles; and I think that reason is basically to let people know that he [Satan] was down there.” Mr. Dora has produced a DVD telling Lucky’s story, which he plans to sell on the Internet. He also plans to auction off Lucky.

picture of lucky:

Could this be a battle between a cheese sandwhich and a turtle to determine the fate of humanity?

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  1. terry chay says:

    WordPress has certain “word” filters which will tag when a word appears in a comment as being marked for moderation. You should apply that for some of those words you see abused on your blog. It’ll make moderation much easier when you can bulk delete before they even post.

  2. dru says:

    Heh, I have a lot of words, I just didn’t have those spam words. Also, the spammers are starting to drop the links from the spam now. Thanks for noticing Terry

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