Domain Name Evolution

I was thinking about domain names tonight, and I wanted to write this down. I would also like your feedback and take on this.

198x – 1996 In the begining, domain names pretty much matched the company.

Example:,,,,,, etc. In fact, most ISPs had a .net name (,,

1995 – 1998 Once netscape launched, the first big change occurred and the domain land rush occurred. Oddball, but valid dictionary names started to appear.


1998 – Now Then we had invented names or obscure names. The key was that they were easy or catchy to remember and spell.


Then there was the whole foolish attempt to start up alternate TLDs. (.biz, .info, .us, etc)

There were also fads. I think these are the most interesting. For example, there was a whole: [ie].com – (Shout out to Alan Braverman, the guy who chose era * era (possible mix with * * ?? * era (napster, friendster, etc.) * era (the best being swapping (cks with ‘x’ or s with ‘z’) – (, * – * –

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  1. dru says:

    Also, lets not forget:

  2. dru says:

    there was also the:

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