Happy Mondays

Today was a great radio day. I usually scan 5 or 6 stations looking for something decent to listen to on the commute into work. I usually quickly go through a few of the lcoal college stations and Forum by Michael Krazny on NPR. Occasionally I listen to the other NPR station since they play Fresh Air at that time. Then, if all seems ho-hum, I listen to the news on Howard Stern and scan around for some decent music on the upper end of the dial.

For whatever reason, today, Live 105, KITS, here in the Bay Area had a DJ playing old Happy Mondays tunes from the late-late 1980’s instead of the usuall Howard Stern. Not only did they play the old tunes, but they played the good old remixes from that timeframe. The commute seemed to short. What a difference some good music makes.

(Other side note: a couple of mornings back, one of the college DJ’s was playing some old Electro that I have never heard before. Pretty damn cool. I mean its not hard to be distinctive from the regular radio rotations by playing a music genre that never gets played. BTW, IMHO, I think the Santa Clara University college station, KSCU, is the best of the crowd. It’s a shame their transmitter is so weak.)

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