Apple 2 images

I was playing with some old Apple ][ disk images today.

I have a mental image in my mind of what it used to take in order to download an image over a modem, compressed!, back in the old days. I remember that one disk was split into 6 or 8 parts and it took half a day to get one.

I downloaded 2 disk images today in a few seconds.

What is interesting about these disk images is that I remember spending weeks playing the games on them. It’s interesting to think about the power of just 64k of memory and about 280k of storage… something so small, yet so time consuming.

(one other side note. It is also nice to see that the emulators these days can follow the rules and not consume so much CPU like they did in the past. The applewin emulator barely moves the needle on my CPU graphs)

(Also, here is a good place to get a Windows Apple // emulator)

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