Star Wars

Saw the old Star Wars on the widescreen last night with the boy.

Wow, still a great old movie. He loved it and I enjoyed it from the adult perspective. I saw it a while back, but I really wasn’t paying that much attention to the detail. Lucas really got that one right.

At work, this brought up the topic of whether Star Wars was truly a Sci-Fi movie or not. Although it has some very classic themes and story arcs, I think it is definitely Sci-Fi. If you have space-ships and lasers… it’s Sci-Fi alright! IMHO, The best Sci-Fi incorporates good drama, story and characters. Look at Star Trek. It was heavily based on old nautical/navy style stories with some modern themes and technology thrown in.

Anyways, I’m rambling… but, it’s good to experience that old Star Wars story. I have to admit, it was the Episode III that got me wanting to watch the whole thing again.

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