Ultra Cool Keyboard

Wow! Innovation!

Lets here it for globalization and the internet. This one comes from Russia (and Engadget and Steve’s Blog) with love.

Check out the Photoshop and the Quake stuff at the bottom!


How much do they cost? That is the question. I hope Scoble and Microsoft’s hardware group picks up on this!

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3 Responses to Ultra Cool Keyboard

  1. Neville says:

    For 15 years I’ve been advocating keyboards like this. People seem to think I’m nuts whenever I mention the idea. For instance, why there aren’t there Japanese keyboards that display dynamic kanji table views directly on the keyboard? Or maybe there are and I’ve been a hermit too long to notice.

  2. Mark Jen says:

    They should make all the keys reprogrammable… that would be sweet not just for wow factor, but also for loc/glob as well 🙂

  3. Mark Jen says:

    Oh wait… I just clicked through and realized that all the keys are indeed reprogrammable. SWEET! I WANT ONE

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