I knew it…not

The other day, while glancing at the news, I saw that Bush was trying to support “Intelligent Design” in the schools. Immediately, I thought he must have meant, Frank Loyd Wright or IM Pei or Ray and Charles Eams. I thought, ‘huh, it’s about time.” Being an ignorant idiot that I am, I felt bliss.

Today, however, I received an email from my sister. She has unveiled his real intent. The result of which forces me to never look at noodles the same way. I strangely feel a new resonance with my inner Pirate voice.

May you be touched forever by his noodly appendage.

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  1. terry chay says:

    Intelligent Design is just creationism repackaged. It is based on trying to re-frame a dead debate in the hopes of reviving it. Here is the Wikipedia entry.

    I’m amused by the whole thing. The only sad thing is my tax money goes to support these losers. I know I will not be sending my children to any school district that preaches Intelligent Design—I wouldn’t want to cripple them mentally.

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