Blogging…why I do it.

I gotta make this sticky somehow, maybe I’ll put it in the links on the right.

Anyways, sometimes I feel a bit self-conscious about blogging. That people who read this may wonder why I do this. Blogging is more for me when you really get down to it. I mean c’mon, there aren’t that many consistent readers of my blog (other than me 🙂 ).

So, here are the reasons:

<li> It's an easy way for me to just throw something out there that my friends can read without having to email them. 

  • Sometimes its just some helpful info that may help others. Hopefully a search engine will pick it up and save someone out there hours of effort with something that is undocumented or unintuitive.
  • Sometimes it is just thinking out loud. I make mistakes. Serializing the idea out helps me record the mistaken thinking or improved conclusion.
  • Maybe, I may change a mind out there in the wilderness. That would be nice.
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