Harry Potter : Goblet of Fire

Overall: Highly Recomended

I hate going to theatres these days. The seats are not comfortable, the bathrooms aren’t very nice. Did I mention the uncomfortable seats and the lady in front who brings a 2 year old to a movie that is quite scary? Movie theatres are not great places.

However, my daughter is a Harry Potter fan and she has been counting the days to see this film. I really like Harry Potter books and movies as well. It is still appealing to see these books come to life in the movies. So, we Fandango’d a few tickets for the matinee over in Redwood City.

Fandango rocks. Very easy.

The movie. Great special effects on a great story. Good pacing and a good rendition of the book. (As in, they cut the right stuff to make the movie work)

If you can wait, that is even better. Wait for the DVD and avoid the theatre mess.

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