Just Got Back from Vegas

Ok, quick post.

My grandmother was turning 82, and she was going to be in Vegas. Basically, she has been going to the Stardust hotel for over 20 years. She loves the place and knows the people there. I had helped her set up the flights so I planned on coming out on Monday to be with her for her birthday then fly back on Wednesday.

The Good – Southwest is a great and inexpensive airline. The Las Vegas airport has free WiFi – very nice! Even the hotel had WiFi for 24 hours for only $15.00 a day. This is not bad for a place that charges $2.50 for a muffin. Some of the sites and sounds… the people watching… pure entertainment. The iPod I bought really saved my sanity in those situations where you just have to wait when traveling.

The Bad & Ugly – Casinos are filled with smoke. Everyplace just reeks.

They are going to knock down the Stardust this year, so that part of Vegas will now be gone.

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