Starting my Plaxo blog

According to Mark Jen, I have just started my Plaxo employee blog. 🙂 This is true on a time scale for continental drift, but in reality I started my blog a little over 2 years ago. 🙂 Although I have been working as a software engineer at Plaxo for over 3 years, I’ve rarely posted about it. This was not a conscious effort. I just post about personal ideas. Occasionally, Plaxo and those ideas will intersect, but not often.

This is a good time, though, to reflect on the blog and how it has done. First off, the blog is just a simple thing for me to discuss or comment on things that me or my friends may find interesting. From that point of view, it has worked well. Eventually, I was going to move my home page over here and move off of I think I’ll start doing that. So, today I think I will change the theme and add a few links on the sidebar.

If you have any comments about the blog, send me an email.

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