Interesting Web Page

I ran accross this guys web page the other day.

I didn’t read most of it, but as my eyes were scanning, I ran across this entertaining blurb:

I once took a trip to California. They taught me an important lesson: If everyone were generous, no one would have to work. I was confused for a while by all of the Mexicans laboring away. Clearly they didn’t understand. I guess the Californians gave up trying to educate them in the ways of Kantian economics, because they kicked them all out. You have to be open minded to last in California. There, open-minded means “not limitted by rationality.” Whenever I was accused of being closed minded, I always said “articholks are more expensive in the off season and I wouldn’t want to stand under a wet rag.” They always understood.

Ah the internet. It’s that cool breeze that hits you as you sit under the shade of the palm, by the beach.

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