On Boot Camp and OS X

My buddy Jim has posted 5 or so articles on his blog, Current Word about Boot Camp and the possibilities of Apple running Windows XP.

As a user and programmer of both systems, I find this all to be a non-event. Most Mac users don’t want to run Windows XP … and. vice versa. I don’t think this event is worth noting or getting riled up about. There will not be this mass migration to Windows XP by Apple users. There may be a migration to Apple hardware by some PC users, but I doubt it. Apple hardware costs a lot more than PC hardware since the OS and Applications are bundled.

I am sure of this though:

  • More Windows users could become Mac users
  • OS X will not easily run on commodity PC hardware

The bottom line… yeah this was released but… hmm. moving along…

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2 Responses to On Boot Camp and OS X

  1. Jed says:

    I find it odd you say this seeing you program on both.

    BootCamp is huge allowing you to have 1 machine, desktop or laptop and be able to program on both Win and Mac and hopefully Linux soon.

    It will bring even more users to the Mac platform as they will be able to buy one machine, yet still boot into Win when needed for those critical work apps.

    my 2cents anyway.

  2. dru says:

    It depends on your work patterns.

    I would much rather have virtualization than the ability to boot into an OS.

    especially considering that windows runs poorly on a mac because of its one-button. Linux… so overly crappy, it’s not worth booting into.

    Virtualization is where it is at.

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