Louis Rukeyser Died on May 3

Louis Rukeyser

I used to watch his show at my neighbor’s house when I was 12 or so. I never understood the show, but it was an exciting time. I was learning from my neighbor about the stock market. (It was also a time when I finally had a computer, which was exciting). I think the show was called Wall Street Week and it aired on Fridays. The set was like that of some bankers club. Posh chairs and a sofa with old world wood furniture. Kind of a neat show.

And then there is Louis himself. He was quite an interesting character. He looked like a founding father. He also spoke differently than most other TV personalities. He definitely had a charisma. The subjects that he discussed were alien… a lot of terminology that I didn’t understand at that age.

During one of the visits to the neighbors, there was an english professor there. (Now that I look back, these dinners and get togethers were probably the closest thing to a salon that I could expect in Miami). Anyways, the progessor was quite an interesting character and a talker. An artist. She said that Louis’s mother was a famous poet and smiled.

This is what I remember.

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