Recomendation: Good tire shop – America’s Tire Co.

The other day, just as I was going to lunch, I heard a tap-tap-tap sound as I was driving. I’ve heard that sound enough times to know that it could be a fricking nail in the tire. Sure enough, I pull over and there was a huge bolt in the tire. So, I turned around and went to lunch in a coworkers car.

At work, I asked around to see if anyone knew a good tire shop near the office. Everybody mentioned this place called America’s Tire Co.. They were right.

I called them up. They have a shop right off of 85 in Mountain View on El Camino. I took the car in, they looked at the bolt and then proceeded to fix the tire for FREE. That’s right. FREE. They found that the damage was minimal and that it could be patched. After they patched it they balanced it as well. They were fast and courteous. When I took my car to costco last time, they just didn’t treat me that well.

If I have a tire problem again, I will be heading to America’s Tire as my first choice.

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  1. Mark Jen says:

    I go to America’s Tire for tire service as well 🙂

    They’ll also match any prices from TireRack online or from Costco and they’ve got a killer road hazard warranty (which saved me from having to shell out $$$$ when I blew that tire on the way to Tahoe)

    Nice new blog template btw!

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