Blade Runner – 25th Anniversary

Straight from Osaka

I saw that we have just passed the 25th Anniversary of Blade Runner… Quite possibly the best Sci-Fi film ever made. Ridley Scott is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. The vangelis soundtrack was awesome. Here is a recent review noting the anniversary and the relevance of the movie by an actual FX guy in hollywoodinteresting read.

I remember when I was a kid… my aunt sent me the poster for the movie. I never got out of the house, so when I saw the poster I thought it was yet another clueless gift from the older crowd. For example, all the other kids got those nifty LED football games where you positioned your ‘dash’ on the proper row and then ran your dash to a touchdown. My relatives got me a similar, cheaper model that was the equivalent of an executive decision maker for football or baseball. Hit a button, the cheapo leds would cycle around, and then randomly pick an outcome. So lame. So you can understand how I was justified of letting the poster go to the trash bin… what the hell would my aunt know about sci-fi.

Another story…

At my last company, Cam, one of the founders of Plaxo, was a bit younger than me. He had never seen Blade Runner. Redgee and I were a bit shocked. Cam liked anime, Ghost in the Shell, and sci-fi… but he never saw “that one”. At the time, he had just bought a new projection system for his residence. That was justification enough to get him a copy. The next day I stopped by Best Buy and placed it on his desk. Passing on Blade Runner to the next generation is a good deed.

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