the 4th

I’ve been thinking about posting something about this for a while. Although there is a lot to be excited about these days, there is still a lot to be really concerned about. I generally don’t post about negative issues for may obvious reasons. Few I know want to discuss these issues and those few all feel unempowered to change the course of things. Today, though, I want to make a brief statement.

First, this administration has been the worst I’ve ever seen. They have compromised the public trust to a new low. They have a culture of deceit. We are also at war. Soldiers continue to die while most of America is glued to their media choice to hear about Britney’s new hair style. These people continue to devour the oil that these kids die for. It’s only when the prices of gas go up that they notiice… the wrong problem. Their eyes are on the oil tycoons, so say the press. We hear murmurings in congress about ‘price gouging’. To me, it’s probably just corporations lobbying to keep their costs down. If they have to pay more, they may have to raise prices. This will hurt their enormous profits er.. I mean the consumer. Congress listens. Meanwhile, very few mention the war and the soldiers in the same breath. How can they? There are no body bags like Vietnam. Mission accomplished.

Right now the American consumer is what is important. Keep that inflation low and at bay. Get them into houses they can’t afford. Religion and nationalism continue to drive the herds. Don’t worry about health care, global warming, and any sustainable way of life.

In short, there is a nasty backdrop to the good stuff happening. This isn’t the greatest of times. If you see me rah-rah about something, remember this post.

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  1. Michael says:

    You disagree with the majority (y’know, the people who voted in the current leadership) and thus make ad homenim fallacies en masse:

    “most of America is glued to their media choice to hear about Britney’s new hair style”

    “Religion and nationalism continue to drive the herds”

    It’s this kind of snobbism that divides the country and makes it all too easy for politicians to get elected using populist tactics. There’s a good reason why the only two Democrats elected president in the last 30+ years were from the South. They didn’t exude intellectual arrogance and disdain.

    You’re right that this country has big problems right now. But your explanations for them are overly simplistic and hollow.

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