COPA vs. COPPA and Chappelle

I make mistakes every now and then. For example, I saw that movie Rize recently. Good movie. I was talking to a few people about it and I mentioned that I thought it was pretty cool for Dave Chapelle to back this movie. At that point, I found out that I made the same mistake that many others have made. The movie was by another very different chappelle, Dave LaChapelle.

Why do I mention this?

Recently, I heard that COPA was overturned in the courts. Unfortunately, like many others, I thought that COPPA was one and the same. Both are similar. They both are related to protecting children. My experience is with COPPA. It is the one that requires a birthdate on the registration screen. I watched several companies scramble to be compliant with the law. It stressed both companies and the effectiveness of the law remains questionable. I thought it was overturned, but it was just another simple mistake due to a low Levenshtein Distance between two words.

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