A Few Sad Losses Recently

Last week, I found out that Michael Klein passed away in an accident. It was a bit of a shock. You can read about the incident in the news. I knew Mike from eGroups and I had a tremendous amount of respect for him. He accomplished a lot at a very young age (he was my age), but on a one-on-one basis he was pretty down to earth. He will be missed.

Last Sunday, another shock occured. The kids came running over and called for me. One of our older neighbors was calling for help after calling 911. A closer neighbor was already over and was performing CPR. Unfortunately, the man had already passed away peacefully hours earlier. They were an older couple and the wife thought he was just sleeping a little late. We stayed with the wife and tried to comfort her when the paramedics and police arrived. The man was well known and loved in our neighborhood. His passing has affected our lives pretty significantly.

A few days later, the paramedics showed up again when we were outside. The wife had a mild heart attack. Her family was there to support her, and she is in the hospital.

It has been a really tough week for everybody.

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