I gotta say, this phone is still the best phone I’ve ever had. Here is why:

First, it works great as a phone, which is the whole point of the device. I have no complaints there.

Second, it works great as an ipod. I’m consistently using it to watch a few videos that I haven’t had time for. I’m also listening to my music more often as well. Other phones that I’ve owned had really poor mp3 playback functionality.

Third, the software gets refreshed and improved often. This 1.1.3 release is another great release. The pseudo-GPS in the Google maps app is just awesome. Also, with the better gmail support in the native mail client, I’m using that more often as well. Just the other day, by accident, I found that new gesture shortcut that lets you delete mail with a simple flick and confirm (nice!) I’ve never had a phone that got periodic updates.

Apple has a clear winner on their hands.

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